Launch of BuzzFor.US

On May 15, 2013, BuzzFor.US launched. We connect bloggers with projects wanting buzz (with incentives, of course!).

For bloggers, we provide a tool for realizing value in your efforts, and a chance to connect with projects that you would like to support. For projects, we provide a tool to get the word out about your product and to communicate this to folks that are interested in trying it out.

It has been a lot of work to get here, and our focus now is directed towards fully engaging bloggers.

BuzzFor.US is meant to provide a supportive environmnet with folks finding projects they want to contribute to and keeping it out in the open!

Our portfolio, background, and the scope of the work that we do is presented on this website. We are using our abilities in social media, SEO, and marketing, as well as a strong technial background to provide a solution that helps producers realize value and projects get buzzed!

As this is an example Buzz entry, I'd like to mention that when you buzz a project, you are free to examine the project from your perspective and write about what it is that you find interesting. We will want to make sure that some standards of quality are met (outlined on the website.) Please join us and help us get a buzz started!