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free culture

Free Culture

Through the commons we will advance one another. Open source/free software, Open Government, Open everything!


Health & Lifestyle

Supporting lifestyle projects that emphasise nutrition, exercise, focused mind, and balanced life


Arts & Humanities

Artists, musicians, photographers, this is an invitation: let's show the world what you are doing!

John Doe

Equal Opportunity

How can we advance education to level the playing field? Open education efforts hold promise for a more equitable future

Jane Helf


Have supported initiatives in open government, such as MapLight and GeoPlatform, which utilize and advocate open data



Been out shoveling compost (with a smile) and learning ways to live more ecologically. How can we advance ecological awareness?

Projects I've worked on

  • Jamie Kyra O'Keeffe

    Without realizing it, we are operating outdated software for success. The system is riddled with bugs that waste our energy and warp our work. If we are to create a world that affirms our shared humanity, then we need to upgrade our systems to reflect the reality of interconnectivity.

    Technologies: Drupal 8, Bootstrap (responsive design), newest version of Success

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  • ArdentMC: HSE Geospatial Concept of Operations

    Part of the GeoPlatform, an effort which embodies the principles and spirit of Open Government, emphasizing government-to-citizen communication, accountability, and transparency.

    The GeoPlatform supports open formats, data standards, and common core and extensible metadata.

    Role: At ArdentMC (FTE) was brought in to see project delivery within contract window. Provided project management platform, translating client requirements to deliverables.

    Technologies: Drupal 7, Bootstrap (responsive design)

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  • MapLight: Revealing money's influence on politics

    MapLight seeks to shine a light on our money-dominated political system so citizens can be more informed about the potential financial influences that affect their representatives’ votes.

    Why? We believe that democracy works best when it is the public’s interests that are at the forefront of their representatives’ minds when voting on policies – not the interests of a select few whose resources may eclipse the interests of many.

    Role: At MapLight, supported full stack development efforts to support journalism and data teams.

    Technologies: Drupal 6, PHP, Jira, Git, jQuery, Javascript

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  • Best Horizon Consulting

    Those in the public eye often require an objective point of view beyond the range of set parameters, from someone who is familiar with their situation and understands their struggles.

    Our goal is to provide a safe space, free of judgement or prejudice, where clients can share their stories and receive advice from experts. We understand the challenges our clients face and we meet their expectations, allowing them to retain a safe, trusting, and completely confidential environment.

    Role: Technical consulting, facilitated development of informational page

    Technologies: HTML, CSS

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  • Storyhat: jobsUview

    Transform your boring text-only job descriptions into more engaging visual job ads with jobsUview. See Video

    Role: With Storyhat, a design & development agency, provided development services.

    Technologies: PHP, jQuery, Javascript, SEO

  • 41st Parameter website.  Provided Drupal, CSS, and data services. Directed by <a href=''>1185 Design</a>.

  • 1185 Design: 41st Parameter

    41st Parameter helped the industry to understand that fraud prevention did not also mean sales prevention – finding the balance between approving good transactions seamlessly and only reviewing those truly risky transactions. Today, Experian and 41st Parameter are recognized for on-going innovation at the forefront of performance for enterprise-class solutions.

    Role: With 1185 Design, provided front end development for multiple sites

    Technologies: PHP, CSS, HTML, Drupal 7

  • Video

  • Design Reactor: HP & DVF Experience Lounge

    Supported the biggest fashion event this century! Developed the kiosk seen here for the HP & DVF Experience Lounge.

    As a bonus, Design Reactor shared that the resources developed were reused and part of their product offerings.

    Technologies: Drupal, PHP, Backend data parsing, Full stack development

  • Virtual Trade Shows.  Lead development efforts, provided Drupal, Javascript, and SEO expertise.  Project directed by <a href=''>Design Reactor</a>.

  • Design Reactor: 6Connex

    6Connex powers virtual events and environments for career fairs, employee onboarding, user conferences, corporate universities and other applications.

    The 100-percent SaaS virtual destination platform is backed by a team of passionate virtual event experts, dedicated to both market innovation and customer success.

  • Virtual Trade Shows.  Lead development efforts, provided Drupal, Javascript, and SEO expertise.  Project directed by <a href=''>Design Reactor</a>.

  • Aflorecer Art School and Retreat Center

    At Aflorecer we will do more than meet each other. We will sing and dance and play. We will share meals, tell our life stories, and become friends. Above all, we will experience what it means to flourish.

    Role: Provided technical consultation, presented design options and delivered website

    Technologies: HTML, CSS

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  • 41st Parameter website.  Provided Drupal, CSS, and data services. Directed by <a href=''>1185 Design</a>.

  • KeyFax New Media: Digital Sound Factory

    Digital Sound Factory was established in 2007 with a mission to provide high quality license free audio sound downloads for computer software synthesizer users.

    Founder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran producer of the E-mu Systems and Creative Technologies sound libraries. The successful Emulator and Proteus sound products were a result of numerous recording sessions, sound processing, and programming to achieve the ultimate musical results.

    Role: Provided technical consultation and E-commerce options, site development

    Technologies: PHP, osCommerce, backend integration with flash

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  • SchoolForge

    SchoolForge's mission is to unify independent organizations that advocate, use, and develop open educational resources. We advocate the use of open texts and lessons, open curricula, free software and open source in education.

    Role: Project facilitator, developed website to support coalition of developers of free educational software

    Technologies: Drupal 7, PHP, Javascript, SEO (Google Analytics)

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  • Virtual Trade Shows.  Lead development efforts, provided Drupal, Javascript, and SEO expertise.  Project directed by <a href=''>Design Reactor</a>.

  • M&M Distribution

    M&M Distribution offers a broad variety of quality products and works closely with suppliers and fabricators to bring our customers innovative products at the very best price. Our trained staff will guide you through the process of your purchase and answer all of your questions and assist you in researching your item.

    Role: Developed payment integration between Drupal ubercart and their backend shipping service

    Technologies: Drupal, PHP, Drupal Module Development

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